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North Texas

Midland, TX

Elevation: 2,866 ft.
Distance: 75.8 mi.
Odometer: 3,326.4 mi.

Rained last night. Road still wet and clouds still threatening. Didn't get rained on, but it stayed dark for a while. Crossed the Texas state border at mile six. Last one. Feels good to be back in Texas!

Very flat day. Light headwind, mostly bad pavement. Never did get very hot. I'm definitely out of the desert and back on the plains. Not much cactus left, tons of grass, and I even saw a couple of naturally growing trees (though they were short). For the second day in a row, a driver pulled alongside me, rolled down the window, and struck up a conversation as I pedalled.

Made decent time, especially considering I lost an hour today. There sure are a lot of pickups and SUVs in Midland. Staying with some guys named Brian, Kyle, and Brent, who are friends of a friend from high school. Pretty cool guys. Shower, laundry, barbeque chicken! Thanks again, guys. And Kyle, I owe you one.

Jul 31, 2009
from Pedal for Potatoes

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