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Texas Hill Country

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Wimberley, TX
October 12, 2020

Texas 4,000



The very first day, I unfortunately had to sit out and work an aid station, handing out food and water for the ATLAS Ride. All the riders I was feeding and watering seemed to be enjoying the ride, and no one seemed to be devastated by the first 60 miles before they got to my station ...

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Jun 07, 2006
New Mexico

If there's anything I'll remember about New Mexico, it's wind.

On the day we rode into New Mexico, we had 90 miles to do in Texas and 10 more to do in New Mexico, for a total of an even 100. The entire time we were in Texas, we had the wind to our back, so we were able to log a ton of miles in not much time. As soon as we crossed the state border ...

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Jun 14, 2006

Our first day into Arizona was tough, but that was aided by the fact that I added a 12.5-mile detour to go see Four Corners. It wasn't exactly spectacular, but I wasn't expecting it to be. Worth a 12.5-mile ride in my opinion. It was about an 85-mile day for most people, but when I got into "town," I had 98. I wound up just rolling for t...

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Jun 17, 2006

The Utah border race was a measly 11 miles with lots of hills, more down than up. Not favorable conditions for myself. I managed to stay with Dan, Paul, and John for the first 5-6 miles, when Dan and Paul pulled away. I stayed with John for a few more before he pulled away. Finished in fourth, leaving me still scoreless in the Sierra border race tally.

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Jun 21, 2006

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