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North Texas

About Coyote

I'm an under-sized, un-athletic guy who likes to run and bike long distances. Despite a history of problems with my heart, kidneys, asthma, and anemia, I've always loved getting outside and moving around. Halfway through college, I took up long-distance running and discovered bike touring.

Since then, I've gone on self-supported bike tours in 16 countries, logged roughly 6,000 km of backpacking, and set course records in six marathons and four ultramarathons. Currently, I'm a high school physics teacher in North Texas.

Coyote's Travels

Every summer, I disappear on another long distance hiking/biking trip. It's a great system, because by the end of the school year, you're thinking, "I need to get the hell outta here." But by the end of the summer, you start to think, "Teaching isn't so bad; there's air conditioning and you get to shower every day." And then your whole life feels like a vacation.

For summer 2024, the plan is to spend 3-4 weeks in May-June riding the relatively new Pony Express bikepacking route, then jet up to Washington and finally finish hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in July.

Here's a video of the Western Wildlands Route, a bikepacking tour I did a few summers ago:

Read about Coyote's adventure with his father in Central Texas. Music, food, wheels, family, all the finer things in life.

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